Your LFW Must-Have Accessory by Lauren Johnstone

London Fashion Week is fast approaching and Naked Fashions is going to be providing you with the latest news and events across the four days!
My show and event schedule will be posted soon so keep your eyes pealed and subscribe below to be the first to know. 

Within my preparation, I'm looking at what bloggers actually really need to get through the four days. And the number one thing? Their phone. Iphones are becoming more and more unreliable and dying on us multiple times a day. And who has the time to be running into Starbucks every 5 minutes to charge their phone?

I recently received the most exciting package from Case Scenario - one of the best phone case brands around. They offer a wide range of different phone cases so you'll never have a problem finding one you want. 
I now have a matching marble power block to my marble phone case which makes the perfect accompaniment for fashion week. The best thing about it? It can fully charge your phone in 1.5 hours. Not that that matters since you can carry it everywhere with you and still look great (not like the ugly plain powerblocks).

And just when I thought the parcel couldn't get any better - I opened a box from TDreams Company that contained three of the most beautiful pastel pink pieces I've ever seen. Upon first look, I just thought I'd been sent a pretty phone case with a matching mirror but no no no, TDreams x Case Scenario have made your aesthetic dreams come true and created a compact mirror that charges your phone as well!!!!
You can also buy each section of this box separately on the TDreams website, so if you really want to get your hands on this must-have accessory then purchase the mirror here.

Thursday Is The New Friday by Lauren Johnstone

You will have all seen my previous post about the new H&M pop up at The Old Truman Brewery (and if you didn't then you need to subscribe to my site!) 

I couldn't give you all a pre-event post without giving you the low down on what happened. Last Thursday I attended one of the amazing nights that H&M has put on in collaboration with a number of DJs. This week was Noisey's turn to host and they didn't fail to deliver.  

The quaint pop up shop was buzzing with atmosphere filled with an incredible new collection, a hand photo booth and a free bar where the bartenders will mix up anything you want (hint: gin and pomegranate juice is a winner)!
If you're looking for something to fill your Thursday night with then definitely head on down - you can sign up for August's upcoming parties on the Noisey page here - Everyone who attends will be in the chance of winning £200 worth of H&M vouchers!!

Come Party With Me and Noisey at The H&M Pop-Up by Lauren Johnstone

Lord knows I love a party. And us Londoners are lucky enough to have a mass of event spaces on our doorstep, but there are few events that actually stand out. The key ingredients, you ask? Well, first off there needs to be something to attract your attention. Then some good music. And throw in a free bar for good measure, right?

Well then you’ll want to get down to H&M’s new pop-up store.

H&M and Noisey have teamed up to give you the best end to the Summer. Subset brand of H&M, DIVIDED is celebrating its new collection with a pop-up shop in the heart of East London.
The collection will feature a lot of statement pieces, festival co-ords and accessories to keep your young spirit alive.

The store is located at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, the perfect setting for these weekly events. The events will kick off at 7pm and continue till 9pm which will allow shoppers to browse, drink and listen to the best music from the likes of Shorebitch, Noisey, NTS Radio and Rough Trade.

Join me on August 13th to party with Noisey and soak up the new DIVIDED collection. Everyone who attends will also have the chance to win a £200 H&M voucher so there’s no excuse to miss out!

SIGN UP HERE to join me and Noisey on August 13th. Entry is first come first serve, and confirmation is sent separately. Each ticket gets in you +1. 

Ditching All My Makeup For Charlotte Tilbury by Lauren Johnstone

Foundation, Contour and Lip: Charlotte Tilbury | Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Wiz | Eyeshadow: MUA Palette | Mascara: Perricone MD | Ear Crawler: Weekday | Shirt: ASOS

Foundation, Contour and Lip: Charlotte Tilbury | Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Wiz | Eyeshadow: MUA Palette | Mascara: Perricone MD | Ear Crawler: Weekday | Shirt: ASOS

Okay, I'm not going to ditch all of my makeup. But I have actually been converted to a new foundation (amongst other things). I'm finally parting ways with my Nars Sheer Glow and replacing it with Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation

When I've tested this foundation in the shop, the light fluid texture of it has always put me off. This is mostly because I'm comparing it to Sheer Glow (which I thought was the be all and end all of foundations). But, even though Sheer Glow is a lightweight, dewy foundation, I find the actual formula quite thick which makes it harder to distribute a thin layer, giving a sort of caked effect.

The Charlotte Tilbury foundation glides onto your skin and leaves a lovely dewy glow that doesn't look oily after a few hours. 
Unlike other foundations I've tried, Light Wonder lasts all day. And it actually amazed me. I find it quite hard to find a foundation that matches my skin tone (I use number 2), is long-lasting and is in a great sized bottle thats easy to travel with - Light Wonder ticks all the boxes.

Next up is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. Now I've read through endless amazing reviews of this product, and always just put it down to hype. I mean, how good can it actually be? And for £50? Please. 
But Oh. My. God. This product is a holy grail. The bronzer will become your new best friend as it is soooo easy to contour with. The colour is actually bronzed and not orange in the slightest, unlike a lot of other bronzers, which is extremely helpful for us porcelain skinned people. However, the highlighter is quite sunkissed and made of a golden base, which makes me worry that this palette wouldn't be great in the Winter months. But we'll approach that hurdle when it comes. 

Finally, I'm also ditching my love for Mac's lipliner in Soar. Yes, you did me well when trying to mimic Kylie Jenner lips and my god have you lasted a long time, but I'm moving onto Pillow Talk now. 
This lipliner shade is just a tiny bit different to my actual lip colour, so when used all over it gives the effect of a plumped, 'just been bitten' effect. If you dab a little bit of Mac's Creme Cup lipstick in the middle of your lip then this is your go-to shade for an everyday look. 

P.S Did you see my Instagram post last week showcasing the Charlotte Tilbury Book of Magic that will be released this Christmas?!?! It contains 12 full and sample sizes products for the buyer. 

Geometric Goodness: Introducing IVAN by Lauren Johnstone

Necklace: IVAN | Top: Lola May @ ASOS | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Vagabond | Leather Jacket: All Saints

Necklace: IVAN | Top: Lola May @ ASOS | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Vagabond | Leather Jacket: All Saints

I'm back on the Swedish hype again and looking at a jewellery designer who pays homage to the beauty that is geometry. 
Many of us have a bad opinion of geometry thanks to endless days of maths revision throughout the years. But geometry is so insanely beautiful and deserves to have its beauty shown off. 

Architecture is the purest form of geometry, and designer Ivan Pettersson has been widely influenced by structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and has used this inspiration to create intricate pieces of wearable architecture. 

The IVAN brand was born in Sweden earlier this year, and is now available in London at independent boutique Wolf & Badger.  

I own the triangle shaped necklace from IVAN, which would set you back £235. Seems a lot for what we would consider costume jewellery? But when you see the craftsmanship put into everything (including the packaging), and the fact that each piece is made individually and uniquely, then the price is justified.
For each piece, a unique-use mould is created using a 3D printer, in which IVAN cast sterling silver. Once the pieces are taken out of the mould, they are sandblasted, polished and engraved.

The triangle hangs off a 30" chain that is made of 925 silver. It completely stands out against whatever you wear and the 3D aspect of the triangle (literally) adds a new dimension to your old jewellery. The triangle is inscribed with IVAN on one side which adds a lovely touch to the necklace.  

Pop into Wolf and Badger to see the collection for yourself or shop online at IVAN

The Pressures Of Blogging (and other woes) by Lauren Johnstone

Blogging is a hard thing. Whoever tells you that it's easy, doesn't blog properly. 

I've had many discussions with blogger friends recently about how people on the outside, (who don't blog) seem to think that all we do is party and get free things. Granted, press days are incredibly fun, (gotta love getting drunk and eating good food all day, everyday) and I can't deny the giddiness I get when receiving press gifts on my door step.
But this didn't happen over night. 
I started my blog three years ago and whilst I didn't pay much attention to it in the first year (stupidly), the past two years have been a long process of planning, networking and not having much of a life really. 

I spend all of my free time planning my blog. The process is as follows: Brainstorm > Write > Take images/Create content to support the post > Schedule > Go live > Schedule social media follow up > Respond to comments and feedback. 
Now, if this is your full time job then it's a lot easier for you. But, if like me, you're a full time student, who also has a number of internships then there has to be sacrifices along the way. 
The biggest sacrifice being sleep. The next being friends and relationships. The blogging industry can be quite a lonely path if you don't surround yourself with the right people, and people who understand the time and effort it takes to blog.  

Now don't get me wrong, it's hard work, but starting a blog is the best thing you'll ever do. It allows you to meet so many likeminded people as well as having a place to fully immerse your creativity into.
Some of my closest friends have been met through blogging and it's so much fun being able to write and share things knowing there are people out there actually reading your content and taking notice. 
I never started blogging with the mentality that I'd be interacting with brands and attending fun events, it was simply an outlet to share current news and opinions with the world. It's just an added bonus that I enjoy it so much and get a lot of gratification

As much as I enjoy blogging, it takes investing a lot of time and money to get it exactly how you want it. I'm still not 100% happy with the way my blog looks, especially when looking at other sites, you can start to over think and doubt your worth within the blogosphere. 
The blogging industry has changed so much over the last year, that you have to jump through hoops to try and stand out; whether that be through your pictures, videos or even having a great writing style to keep people engaged, you need to stand out. 

I started this blog post because I'm lacking inspiration and I know (from twitter chats and general twitter stalking) that a lot of people can feel the same. When you start taking your blog seriously, there seems to be a pressure to blog regularly. There's also the added pressure of consistently producing good content. But when it gets to that point, I have to take a step back.

Having a blog essentially means creating a brand. And the majority of us have to be the face of that brand, which again can be seriously challenging if you're going through life with anxiety and other pressures. I have serious respect for people who do this full time.  

I'd love to blog full time, but I don't. So when I start to stress about not creating good content or feeling forced to post then I just focus my creativity on other things.
There's no rule which says you have to blog x amount of times a week. So if you don't feel like writing then focus on other things; engage with your readers on Twitter, get inspiration from other bloggers, go out and take beautiful pictures for Instagram. 

August is a busy month for me, so I'm going to focus on getting as much inspiration as I can both online and offline. I'm going to be reading some new blogs this week so Leave your links below!

I'm also starting a new series on my site called Tuesday Tips. Come back every Tuesday (starting next week) to find new tips on getting the best out of your blog. I promise I won't rant on as much as I did in this post. And congratulations if you made it to the end. You do you.